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TransportMaker360 provides you and your staff with a full-service transportation management system, from the dispatcher’s command center with large screen, real-time tracking of your vehicles, routes and customer pickup points to the detailed billing module that automatically determines ride costs and sets up the billing for each customer.  The TransportMaker360 system will streamline your transportation operation to ensure you are getting the maximum usage out of your staff, drivers, vehicles, and equipment.

TransportMaker360is utilized by taxi and NEMT services throughout Florida.  Based in the Tampa Bay area, JAGWire Systems LLC, provides world-class customer support as demonstrated by their customer continuous improvement meetings, 24-7 customer assistance, and just-in-time training programs. 

TransportMaker360 is a fully integrated transportation services management system that supports your customer support processes from trip requests to billing.  Features include:

  • Management of thousands of trips a day.
  • Customer focused elements.
    • Web portal client access for reserving and requesting rides.
    • Automated trip reminders and confirmations
    • SMS messaging
    • Trip Quick Quote module
  • Integrates with Modivcare, Ride2MD, Access2Care, and other membership care plans.
  • Quick and easy data entry for phone-in reservations or trip requests.
  • Integrates with most phone systems including Edify.
  • Just-in-time trip request routing minimizes unnecessary vehicle usage.
  • Smart Routing determines the required numbers and types of vehicles, drivers, and support equipment prior to the first trip of the day.
  • Automatic repetitive trip scheduling/standing orders.
  • Auto-Dispatch feature automatically assigns vehicles to riders needs and most efficient/effective routes.
  • Real-time GPS Tracking of all fleet vehicles including historic breadcrumb trails.
  • Customizable status screens for viewing what is important to you and your staff.
  • Real-time taxi metering.
  • In-vehicle driver route display and directions using tablets.
  • Driver communications links with dispatchers.
  • Billing and payment elements.
    • Executes standard accounting practices.
    • Full customization of rates and charges
    • Accounts for mileage, trips, and wait times.
    • Supports customer credit card processing and email invoicing.
    • Integrates with QuickBooks and other business packages.
    • Provides driver cashiering/salary modules.
  • Driver and vehicle credentialling module helps keep your resources current.
  • Over 400 in-depth reports provide management with detailed data on trips, routing, customers, costing, and expenditures.
  • 24-7 software support services.

For a complete demonstration of TransportMaker360 or any of the JAGWire Systems LLC software products, contact P. Kevin Gulliver at 321 432 3114.

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