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Outer-Bands is a web-based special needs evacuation management system that provides registration, notification, evacuation resource planning, evacuee routing, vehicle driver assistance, shelter manager assistance, and full-event reporting.   Outer-Bands is used by municipalities, cities, and counties to manage their special needs clients before and during hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, gas leaks or any other event that requires special needs client’s evacuation.
CloseOneConnect© integrates with the Outer-Bands Special Needs Evacuation Management System to allow family members and designated persons to identify the status and track the progress of special needs clients during a disaster evacuation event  CloseOneConnect© significantly reduces the number of phone calls and inquiries during a disaster event allowing the emergency management staff to concentrate on emergency services tasks instead of answering hundreds of phone calls from concerned family members.

Outer-Bands is a fully integrated special needs emergency evacuation management system that supports the preparation and evacuation of your special needs clients during a disaster.  Features include:

  • Management of thousands of special needs clients.
  • Comprehensive registry file for each special needs client.
  • Special Needs client focused elements.
    • Easy-access portal for pre-registration
    • Automated notification system
    • Tracking of client medical assist equipment, animals, and personal belongings during evacuations using bar-coded identification bracelets
  • Instantaneous identification of special needs clients in specific zones/levels
  • Customization of system set up and data to align with your specific municipality requirements.
  • Automated creation of notification lists based on staff availability and capability.
  • Notification processing and follow up support.
  • Evacuee routing.
    • Thousands of evacuees routed in minutes
    • Bar-coding tracks evacuees, escorts, and evacuee personal belongings
    • Routing based on client needs, resources available, route safety/integrity, time availability, and evacuation levels
    • Just-in-time route additions, modifications, or deletions
  • Customization of route parameters account for driver relief, vehicle servicing, vehicle load restrictions, etc.
  • Geo-fencing for identifying and managing special needs clients in specific disaster zones.
  • Comprehensive reports provided before, during and after a disaster event.
  • Route Manager and Emergency Staff/Managers event management console displays.
  • Real-time tracking and display of evacuation vehicle route process.
  • Shelter manager displays, on-site evacuee entries, support, and communications.
  • Vehicle driver/attendant guidance, support, and communications.



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